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The Best of Shaving, the blades of excellence
In search of excellence in quality cutlery and accessories, Art et Couteaux offers a wide choice of items made by the greatest designers.
Do you like the precision of an old-fashioned shave? With the straight razors from the famous brands Thiers-Issard, Dovo, Böker, or the Merkur-Solingen safety razor, we guarantee you an authentic experience, thanks to the unique feel of the traditional blade and the softness of our natural shaving brushes for a comfortable awakening.
Cutlery lover? Here you can find the unparalleled perfection of the handmade pocket knives from regional craftsmanship. Enjoy the prestige of the Laguiole knives and its variations for all tastes, appreciate the versatility of the Victorinox Swiss knife, or embark on an adventure in the exotic tradition of our knives from around the world. Official distributor of the real authentic Dog knife.
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