10-pieces shaving set - Thiers-Issard 5/8th straight razor and accessories

Art et Couteaux
249.00 €
Shaving set including : 

1 - Thiers-Issard razor - Historical 5/8th steel blade Jacob Holtzer.
Hollowed out blade. 2 satin polished sides.
Anti-slip notching on the underside of the tang. Thiers-Issard mark on the blade.

Acacia wood bolster. Limited edition
Razor delivered "Shave ready.

1- Thiers-Issard straught razor pouch in black luxury leather

1 - Leather HEROLD strop, with fastener, 1 side fabric, 1 side skin, Dimension: 35cm.

1- PUMA razor paste with chrome to maintain the razor edge

1 - Thiers Issard shaving brush hand-turned / hand-filled badger hair. Pure badger hair selected and hand knotted - 21mm - Black plastic handle.

Guide and maintenance of your shaving brush:
- The shaving brush is sterilised - it should not be boiled
- Lather lightly without pressure
- After use, rinse well and remove any excess moisture
- Leave to dry in the open air - Never close a wet shaving brush.

1 - Shaving brush holder with adhesive, clear acrylic. Suitable for shaving brushes with a maximum diameter of 21 mm.

1 - Thiers-Issard shaving soap with aloe vera. Soap in its resealable shaving bowl. Practical and also ideal for travel.

1 - Large Alun stone in plastic box. Ideal against shaving fire! Special for travellers.

1 - Maintenance balm for razor leathers. Ideal to prevent your leather from drying out - particularly suitable for leathers used without abrasive paste, such as belt leathers. Also rejuvenates all your leathers. Apply with a cotton cloth and "polish" the leather like a form of shoe polish. 

50ml bottle. Composition based on lanolin and vaseline. Paste in the form of a relatively solid grease.

1 - Thiers-Issard metal box