Leather strop for straight razors

(Code: BB-CEINT)
39.90 €
Leather strop belt for straight razor with double straps.

The eye of the expert: Particularly supple, this leather will be ideal for easily learning how to sharpen your straight razor. Its flexibility also allows very space-saving storage - ideal especially when travelling.

The razor leather consists of three parts to maintain your razor. The smooth side of the leather, to heat the blade before each shave and thus maintain the grain as little as possible. The strip of rough denim fabric is used to sharpen your razor (about every 3 uses).
Finally the rough and brushed side of the leather can be used with an abrasive paste to sharpen the edge of the blade when it begins to be worn.

A high quality full grain cowhide strap - ideal for sharpening your razor
Leather length: 39cm including 32.5cm between the rivets (useful area).
Leather width: 6cm.

A "denim" fabric strap

At the end of the belt there is a practical clip to attach it to a fixed point and two sturdy rings to maintain tension. This way you can effortlessly heat, polish and sharpen your razor.