Razor maintening set - 5 pieces

68.00 €
Set of 5 pieces in order to maintain easily your straight razors. You may complete your set with one leather strop.
Set includes : 

1 HEROLD Leather
2 sides skin on felt,
32 cm.

1 Chromox paste - Thiers-Issard for sharpening - green chromium oxide (12 microns)
Abrasive grains to sharpen the razor.
Superfine paste, perfect for final sharpening

1 Thiers-Issard razor paste for use on razor leathers. For light sharpening and razor cleaning.
Abrasive paste of 1.6 microns in a tube - 10 Gr.

1 Maintenance balm for razor leather.
Ideal for preventing your leathers from drying out - particularly suitable for leathers used without abrasive paste such as belt leathers for example.
Also allows you to rejuvenate all your leathers.
Apply with a cotton cloth and "polish" the leather as a form of shoe polish.
50ml bottle.

1 Tsubaki Oil - Japanese oil used for centuries for the protection of saber blades.
It is very fluid and protective camellia oil.
Ideal for protecting razor or knife blades against corrosion after use.
Just clean the blade with lukewarm water for example, then apply a drop to each side of the blade. Its fluidity will facilitate its distribution over the entire blade.
Bottle with pipette pourer for ease of use.
100 ml

1 leather shammy 178x254mm.
Ideal for cleaning and erasing fingerprints from metal surfaces