Set 6 Chien knives - 3 caramel - 3 red

Couteau CHIEN
59.00 €

Set of 6 knives Chien ® including 3  knifes with micro serrated blade (caramel handle ) and 3 knives with regular plane blade  ( red handle)

CHIEN (dog) Knife ® - Traditional knife

It has been the typical French overseas departments and territories knife for over 100 years.

This legendary knife is very popular in OVERSEAS France. Outside the metropolis, it is said that this knife must be present in every family.

The CHIEN ® knife is "the ultimate wedding gift". It is important to offer for the wedding this symbolic knife which is used a lot in the kitchen for cutting herbs or for eating.

A sauce even takes the name of this knife "dog sauce". The herbs that make up this recipe, onions, garlic and parsley are prepared with this knife.

The Renaissance-shaped blade is in Z40 C13 stainless steel and the handle in polypropylene.

The signature made with the metal hallmark (silhouette of the CHIEN ® knife affixed before tempering) is the same as for more than 100 years.

Since 1980, this brand has been the property of THIERS-ISSARD and it is still manufactured entirely in Thiers by the company THIERS-ISSARD SAS.

THIERS-ISSARD respects the tradition which is in steel, in grinding, polishing, overmolding of the handle and above all, the sharpening which is carried out entirely by hand.

When you buy a CHIEN ® knife, you are buying more than 100 years of Thiers cutlery tradition.
Couteau Chien ® - Couteau traditionnel