Shavette - Straight razor spirit - Premium

39.90 €
The Shavette "straight razor spirit" is specially designed for intensive use but also for those who want to learn about classic shaving. Unparalleled shaving results with incredible precision.

Its mahogany wood handle enhances this shavette razor which, thanks to the specificity of its handle, gives it all the characteristics of a straight razor. This brings a perfect balance between the handle and the shaving head.

This shavette was created for gentlemen who have more or less free time, but who still like to enjoy the experience of a classic shaving. Thanks to the interchangeable single-edged blades, you will always have a sharp razor at your fingertips, without ever having to compromise on the quality and the pleasure of the old-fashioned shave...

By shaving with this shavette, you not only significantly reduce plastic waste, but you can also enjoy a much more satisfying shave and take better care of your skin at the same time. Thanks to the universal blade holder, you will have the freedom to choose the type of blade that best manages your hair growth and your skin type. You'll be able to get the perfect shave, every time.

Comes with 5 blades and a storage case.

Note: Due to the use of natural materials, colors may vary slightly, making the character of your razor truly unique.