Shaving brush - Natural bristle - 21mm

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12.90 €
Shaving brush - Pure natural bristle - 21mm

The curves of the handle allow a good support in the hand.

The thin size of the handle is a kind of anti-slip between the thumb and the index finger.

Shaving brush with pure natural bristle
Handle material: cream colored plastic
Width of the bouquet at its base: 21 mm
Pure natural bristle material produces the most invigorating massage effect. The bristle brush becomes softer with use.

Made in Germany

The eye of the Expert: Excellent value for money

How to use your badger?

Dampen the shaving area with lukewarm water or simply shave directly after showering. Now apply the soap or shaving cream with swirling motions and light pressure - the longer the better. This is how an increasingly firm foam is generated during the process. Let stand for two minutes. Then shave the beard with a sharp blade - with a calm hand and without too much pressure - and then rinse the skin with plenty of cool water.

How to take care of your badger?

Run cool water (max. temperature: 45°C / 115°F) through the middle of the brush and from the top. Go through the bristles several times in different directions until no foam residue is visible in the middle of the brush head. Do not use chemical cleaning products such as chemical detergents or vinegar - plain water is sufficient.