Shaving kit - Classic shave - Premium

59.90 €
7-Piece Shaving kit - Straight Cut Shavette - Premium

1 x shavette - Straight razor spirit
Its mahogany wood handle enhances this shavette razor which, due to the specificity of its handle, gives it all the characteristics of a straight razor. This brings a perfect balance between the handle and the shaving head.

This shavette was created for gentlemen who have more or less free time, but who still like to enjoy the experience of a classic shave. Thanks to the interchangeable single-edged blades, you will always have a sharp razor at your fingertips, without ever having to compromise on the quality and the pleasure of the old-fashioned shave...

1 x box of 5 spare blades for the shavette razor

1 x storage case for the shavette razor

1 x Pure bristle shaving brush
Handle material: black colored plastic
Width of the bouquet at its base: 21 mm
Pure boar bristle material produces the most invigorating massage effect. The bristle brush becomes softer with use.

1 x shaving brush holder

1 x Shaving soap
Made from aloe vera pulp, this soap will particularly seduce you with its moisturizing and soothing properties.

1 x OSMA hemostatic pencil - Hemo Stop
This pencil-shaped block limits bleeding during microcuts thanks to its haemostatic composition.
By applying it for a few seconds on cuts, its strong astringent power will reduce bleeding time and soothe your skin.