Thiers-Issard Spartacus shaving set - Bone scales

Thiers - Issard
399.00 €

* 1 Thiers-Issard SPARTACUS straight razor ? Real bone scales
100% forged carbon steel C135.
2 sides polished satin, blade 5 / 8th
Anti-slip notching on the underside of the silk.
Black electro-chemical "SPARTACUS" marking on the blade.
Thiers-Issard brand on silk.
Inscribed necklace on the silk.
Scales in bone
Shave ready razor.
Supplied with a black high quality lambskin case.

* 1 Hand turned / hand filled shaving brush.
Pure badger hair selected and hand knotted. 21mm
White plastic handle

* 1 Stainless steel shaving bowl with lid.
Diameter 9.3cm, height 5cm.
Stainless steel (grade 18-8), high-gloss

* 1 Thiers-Issard beard soap

* 1 Special small double side razor leather strop (leather approx. 36mm x 130mm).
Leather strop with 2 sides : one slightly abrasive on which it should be used an abrasive paste and the other perfectly smooth to finish the sharpening but also to heat the blade before shaving and thus "soften" the steel.

* 1 Thiers-Issard abrasive paste to sharpen the razor

* 1 block of alum in individual box for use before and after shaving.

The set is delivered in a Thiers-Issard metal case